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Something that is SO important but often overlooked!

Something that is SO important but often overlooked!

In the following article Caroline Guthrie, founder of Black Sheep Leader, addresses something that is SO important but often overlooked.  Please read if you are a time poor, overworked, multi-tasker who can’t remember the last time they had a break!!!  Do yourself this one favour and give yourself the next few minutes to see what Caroline has to say…after all you deserve it 🙂

Women need to slow down, check-in and re-assess priorities says Caroline from Black Sheep Leaders, a community providing inspiration and thought leadership to career women.

Most of our lives are pretty manic and we are time poor. It may be due to job demands, juggling work, family, caring for elderly relatives – there are a multitude of reasons.

So what happens if our ‘balance’ becomes out of sinc?

Caroline says ‘ Our brains become ‘tired’ and consequences can be critical. Best case scenario is you start to feel overwhelmed, a lack of concentration, irritable and isolated. You may make wrong choices around food, alcohol, exercise and your sleep patterns are likely to be affected. Worst case you will begin to suffer more extreme symptoms of stress, then perhaps acute anxiety. After that it may be too late.’

Top tips for balance

Slow Down
Often it is our own unrealistic self-expectation that forces us to take on too much. Learn to say ‘no.’ People will respect you. Question your high standards and really nut out what’s important for balance. Does it really matter that your kitchen floor isn’t sparkling?

Be aware of the signals that you may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed and act on them. Take time to identify your ‘stressors’ perhaps a time at work when you have deadlines? Acknowledge that you may have to work longer hours during this time and make practical provisions for this. Ask for more help or prepare healthy meals in advance? Simple I know.

Consistently re-assess your priorities and goals both personally and professionally. Things change. When you are 30 your priority may be to work hard and save for a home of your own. When you are 40 it may be to spend more time with family. Ensure what you are focusing on is in line with your current priorities. If you do this finding the balance will be easier.

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