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See you at the crossroads

See you at the crossroads

Wow I really pulled myself out of a state last night. My daughter was crying and wouldn’t stop…or nap (which seemed to go on FOREVER)…I hadn’t really slept properly in a few nights, the house was a disaster (well, still is a disaster), we are leaving to go out of town tomorrow and I basically thought I was going to lose it.  My husband was great (as usual); supportive and always trying to help in all the ways he knows how…which I admit I am very lucky and grateful for.


Eventually Ella stopped crying and fell asleep…I wanted to completely collapse right beside her and call it a day…but before that sabotage myself by eating devilishly dirty food then cap it off by watching bad reality T.V. on Netflix. After all, I deserved it right?

Then that got me thinking, what is it that I truly deserve? What is it that I truly want? And then I thought …I want a life that I really & truly feel good about…I want to feel healthy and happy in my body…I want to wake up every morning excited and full of energy…I want to feel inspired everyday so I can spread that inspiration all around!

BUT do I want all of that bad enough to do what it takes to get there?
I was literally at a crossroad in my mind.

For a moment it felt like NOPE – I don’t want it bad enough…the thought of cheesy nachos and the couch was far too temping…And I just felt SO heavy; it seemed impossible to pick myself up.

Slowly but surely… I put one thought in front of the other and realized this:

Every decision that we make each and everyday is a crossroad…those seemingly small decisions are the ones that create our life. Right here, right now, that is what’s going to set me up for tomorrow…and the next day…and the day after that…and so then creating my life.

I want more. I deserve more!
SO I am happy to say I did some yoga, practiced my cello (Jeff I know you’ll be very happy to hear that), packed for tomorrow, and was inspired to write this to you all.

So the next time you are at a crossroad in your mind, and you want to give in, I challenge you to not take the easy way out just once… and see the ripple affect that it has on your hour, your evening, your day, your week, your month…and your life!

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